Lyhai Chemical

Tianjin Lyhai Chemical Co., Ltd. is a leading technology "phosphorus flame retardant plasticizer" professional manufacturer. It has been engaged in the research and development of phosphorus flame retardant plasticizer and application technology for many years, and has a complete range of products, covering the most favored halogen-free flame retardant products which are the most concerned by users.

In 2010, the newly-built environmental friendly halogen-free flame retardant project was listed as the key project of national industrial revitalization technology pilot project. The construction project investment was 148 million yuan, and the production base with a total area of 26700 square meters was built, with leading production technology and perfect professional research means. Products form a series, widely used in electronic, electrical, synthetic materials, building materials, military, lubrication and other industrial fields. The company adheres to customer demand-oriented, relying on technology to lead product development, constantly expanding product categories, promoting the update and development of new materials in related industries, so as to win more satisfaction for customers and create more value.

Tianjin Lyhai Chemical Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the development policy of "science and technology is the first productivity". It has invested large amounts of money to build a modern factory of three seats equipped with advanced automatic production equipment and supporting facilities, which can produce different types of products at the same time. In line with the company's spirit of strict self-improvement, self-improvement, cooperation and service, we are committed to provide customers with more perfect service, more confidence and more efficient service.

Our product quality and supply capacity can meet the world’s stardands due to our advanced production process and equipment, abundant production technology accumlation and strict quality control and modern management system. Besides mature production technology, we are also equipped with the potential to make large research, innovation, application and the development of intellectual property rights. We have also gained popularity in the same line at home and abroad.