• About IPPP

    IPPP flame retardant is a synthetic isopropylated phenyl phosphate that is widely used as a flame-retardant plasticizer in polyvinyl chloride and other polymers. In addition to its excellent flame-retardant properties, it also imparts to PVC formulations rapid gelation properties and good resista...
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  • About TCP

    TCP is considered the general purpose, naturally derived triaryl phosphate ester due to its conference of flame retardancy to vinyl compounds while maintaining  low air, oil and water loss.TCP is useful in clear or dark flame retardant  sheeting where pigmenting or opacifying flame retardants are...
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  • Quality Control and R&D

    Tianjin Lyhai Chemical Co., Ltd. Adheres to the attitude of attitude of strictly enforcing ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality and environmental management system and upholds the spirit of integrity, innovation, learning and collaboration.By the courage of transcending ourselves and the confidence of pu...
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